Philosophy of Multiscan Products

MedicalSoft Company’s non-invasive Multiscan systems offer a new approach to, counseling, and preventative care for patients. Multiscan systems are an innovative new suite of  physiological measurement and analysis tools that provide easy and quick interpretation of detailed patient data to aid in preventative care.

MedicalSoft Company’s underlying technologies are based on cross analysis from 4 scientific technologies. Multiscan systems allow anyone in the practice to obtain an overview and definition of the key parameters that assess general health and capacity of the body. The tests are non-invasive, completely painless, and in most cases last only a few minutes, but provide a wealth of accurate data for processing by software abstracts that quickly provide an overview of the status and consistency of the client’s health and lifestyle.

Multiscan systems are scientifically substantiated and used worldwide by MDs, Chiropractors, D.O.s Naturopaths, L.Ac.s, DOMs, Nutritionists and high level Fitness and Sport professionals.

Anova Health Inc. located in Mauldin, SC, is an authorized distributor of MedicalSoft Company products: Multiscan Pro Wellness, Multiscan BC, and Multiscan BC-Oxi.