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Multiscan BC:
CE Certificate Ref. Numbers: OSE-15-0412/01 and OSE-15-0412/02

Multiscan BC-OXI:
Multiscan BC CE Certificate Ref. Numbers: OSE-15-0412/01 and OSE-15-0412/02
Pulse Oximeter: CE Certificate Ref Number: G1 13 07 74184 004
ISO 13485 for accessories: Ref Number: Q1N 13 06 74184 003

About Anova Health

ISO 13485 for accessories: Ref Number: Q1N 13 06 74184 003

Anova Health Inc. is a physician owned and operated education driven company that provides advanced product technologies through its clinical education, sales and distribution services. Our compilation of twenty years of experience and research has allowed us to be a valuable resource to metabolic medicine health care practices. We are committed to expanding our physicians' understanding of the role of several key core therapies in improving the metabolic, biological and energetic terrain of their patients. We have committed our expertise to selecting only the highest quality resources .  Anova Health's client base covers a broad spectrum of wholistic and eclectic practitioners including Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Licensed Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Dieticians and other therapists. 

Dr. Frank Charles, ND 
​Anova Health was founded by Dr. Frank Charles in 2009. His passion is to research and provide practitioners the finest quality products and technical support available today. He has experience in analyzing products and manufacturing processes providing the latest advancements in the fields of functional, biological and energetic terrain medicine. Dr. Charles' Naturopathic experience includes 22 years of clinical practice and 16 years of clinical support, consulting and technical product training. In addition to his degree in Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Charles has additional advanced training and experience in biological medicine, nutritional blood analysis, blood microscopy, functional medicine, enzyme therapy, bio-response and energetic testing, energetic healing, and various mind/body therapies. Dr. Charles continues to research, teach, write and network with a diverse group of contacts within the healing arts community. His vision is to continue to expand Anova Health as a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to the truly integrative health care practitioner.